Burn Off Your Festive Indulgence With This 30-Minute Workout

Get back in the swing of exercise post-Xmas with this sweat session.

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Image: Victoria's Secret

Chances are you feel a bit like the leg of ham you devoured on Christmas right now. You probably haven’t felt hunger in days. It’s like you’ve been competing in a consumption marathon—and you’re winning. Well done, you. You’ve enjoyed yourself. And now it’s time to stop and to feel good again, and we’re here to help.


This workout, designed by founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold will get you back in the rhythm of exercise. It’s tough but won’t kill you. It will remind you why you love to get your heart rate up. But above all, it’ll burn off that Christmas pudding—and we’re not talking about the cake.

In The Flow With Emma Seibold

Want more workouts like this one? Now you can enjoy your favourite Barre Body class from the comfort of your home with Barre Body Online.

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