5 super cool beach umbrellas for summer

With the days getting longer and hotter, we’re looking forward to some extensive sun sessions. But nothing cuts a beach excursion short like a sunburnt body so we’ve rounded up this year’s shadiest, trendy beach umbrellas to have you sheltered in style on those long summer days.

This summer’s must-have beach umbrellas:


Beach Umbrella, basil Bangs

1. Basil Bangs

Basil Bangs beach umbrellas are as much a piece of art as a functional sun-protector. Available in a range of beautiful, unique prints, Basil Bangs have reinvigorated the humble umbrella and transformed it into a statement piece for the beach. Built with the custom designed ‘Basil Hinge’, their sturdy umbrellas are easily fixed at any angle meaning you can control your level of shade and you won’t be chasing after it down the beach. Choose a kaleidoscope design or one covered in bananas and you’ll be easy to spot among a sea of stripes.

Beach Umbrella Sunny Life LENNOX

2. Sunnylife

Sunnylife beach umbrellas have us dreaming of 1970’s togs and cat-eye sunglasses. With a UPF 30 protective coating and bright, pastel prints, you’ll be happy lounging under the shade of this canopy.

Beach Umbrella Suboo

3. Suboo

Known for their beautiful swimwear, Suboo have designed an equally stylish beach umbrella to keep you sun-safe on those long summer days. Made from 100% cotton canvas and covered in a print reminiscent of tie-dye, we can’t get enough of this shady accessory.

Beach Umbrella, sunny Jim

4. Sunny Jim

Sunny Jim’s Sun Shades provide the ultimate shelter with the highest UV protection on the market (UPF 50+). A cross between an umbrella and tent, they create the perfect hide-away for a day at the beach. Available in a range of designs, the Sun Shade is easy to assemble and packs away neatly into an easy-to-carry bag. Opt for the traditional stripe pattern or be bold and try our top pick: the Bells Beach, blue and white.

Beach Umbrella Tallulah

5. Talulah

Talulah’s St. Tropez and Capri beach umbrellas are the ultimate style piece. Available in three funky designs, all edged in twisted cotton fringing, you’ll feel like you’re holidaying in once of the luxurious summer destinations they are named after. Made from heavy-duty polyester for continued resilience against every day use, these umbrellas are sure to be with you for many summers.

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