Friday, February 24, 2017



7 Beauty Stories That Got You Talking This Year

Our top beauty stories of 2016, all in one place.
nails, shellac, sns

Has Shellac Ruined Your Nails? Here’s How To Fix Them

Love how gel manicures look but hate what they do to your nails? We've got the solution.
nails, nail art, manicure

How Bad Are UV Manicure Lights For You, Really?

You may want to rethink your gel manicure habit.
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News stories we’re reading & sharing this week

The best bits from around the web.
acne study live longer

Acne Sufferers Actually Live Longer, Says Best Study Ever

Here's a silver lining for you.
Vagina Facial, vagina rejuvenation

Why vagina facials are the latest beauty craze

Facials aren't just for your face anymore.
perfumes, fragrances

9 of the best new additions to your fragrance wardrobe

The scents you need to try this spring.
IV drip, IV treatment, nutrients, vitamins, fruit in IV drip bag,

I tried an IV beauty treatment. Here’s what happened.

From doctors to Kimmy K, it seems everyone is doing it.
Tobi Henney, make-up artist

Meet celebrity hair and makeup artist Tobi Henney

We are thrilled to announce Tobi Henney, one of Australia's most sought after hair and make-up artists, will be joining the Sporteluxe contributor family.