Thursday, January 19, 2017


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Plateaued? Here’s How To Shed Those Last Few Kilos

Because we can't eat egg whites for breakfast anymore.
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2016’s Top Fitness Stories, According To Sporteluxe Readers

Spoiler: You're just as obsessed with working out as we are!
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This Is How Long It Really Takes To Get Out Of Shape

Hint: it's worse than we expected.
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Feeling Stressed? This Circuit Workout Will Release All Your Holiday Aggression

Get ready to sweat with Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson.
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This Is Why All Runners Should Do Barre

Hint: It can help with agility, speed, and injury prevention.
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Best Of 2016: The Year’s Most Popular Yoga Workouts

Eight at-home yoga workouts that'll make you break a sweat.
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5 Personal Trainers Reveal the Workout Supplements They Take

This fuels their workouts and aids their recovery.
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4 Things an Olympic Runner Wants to Tell You About the New York Marathon

Like, how should you approach the last four weeks of training?