Saturday, March 25, 2017


Surfset Fitness, surfing, mechanical surfboard

Want to hang ten? Try SurfSet Fitness

No waves? No problem.
Bianca Cheah, Swarovski

This activity tracker will take you from studio to street

Swarovski have answered our fit girl prayers
Wellness Concierge, well aware, London

Have you heard of a wellness concierge?

Healthy living in London just got easier.
physiclo, resistance bands, resistance tights, fitness tights, innovative fitness products,

How these tights can help you burn more calories

Buy a new pair of tights and you'll burn more calories in your workout. Is it too good to be true?
Bianca Cheah, spirit Dive, Barre Body

5 non-slip yoga mats that will keep you steady in Down Dog

No matter how sweaty your palms may be
Float Fit, Yoga on water, water yoga

Aquaphysical: a new way to work out

Go with the flow, literally.
Smart Water Bottles

3 bottles that make sure you never forget to drink water

Sometimes drinking water is the last thing on our minds, or can easily come second to (surprise, surprise) coffee.
AirActive, fitness app

Exclusive: AirActive Launches in Australia

And it is set to revolutionise your fitness regime.