Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The stylish, practical & eco-friendly Xmas gift

Each December, we try to outdo the brilliant solution we thought up the year before for all the people on our lists who appear to have...
Tom Tom Spark fit tech watch

5 ways the new TomTom Spark will change your workout

Lately, it seems like no athleisure outfit is complete without a wearable fitness tracker. With fashion-forward designs and vibrant colours, the latest and greatest...

Kayla Itsines’ highly anticipated secret is finally revealed

After weeks of suspense, Instagram sensation and globally-acclaimed personal trainer, Kayla Itsines has finally revealed her highly anticipated secret: she has developed her own...

Everything you need to know about Jawbone’s new fitness tracker

Beneath its stylish exterior, the Jawbone packs in functionality. Just launched in the America, you can expect the same nifty fitness tracker features of the original...

4 pieces of fit-tech you need in your life

Here at Sporteluxe, we're always on the look-out for the newest bits of fit-tech to keep us as lean as our green smoothies. Here are four very cool, easy-to-use new gadgets guaranteed to give you a fit-bod advantage this fresh season. Go, go gadget!

WIN one of 15 Havaianas Stripes Yoga Mat Packs, worth $65!

It's a beautiful thing when fitness and fashion collide, which is why we're super excited to be working with to giveaway this exclusive, summer-friendly Black Stripes Yoga Mat pack (which includes your own pair of Black Stripes Havaianas and matching yoga mat with bag) - worth $65 and road tested here by Bianca - to 15 lucky Sporteluxe readers. And it's really, really easy to enter too. Here's how...
Yellow Willow, Yoga by Design, yoga mats

Why you need this yoga mat in your workout arsenal

These yoga mats are more than just beautiful - they're kind to the environment and your body, completely free of nasties like PVC, latex and silicone, and the surface acts as an absorbent towel. Just the ticket for any kind of class, from Bikram to yin yoga. Bannie Williams spoke to the Aussie founders on their inspiration for the brand and why we all need one
Bianca Cheah, running

3 ways to avoid aching muscles after exercise

It's no secret everyone in Team Sporteluxe loves to exercise, but we're not so thrilled about that sore muscle feeling that can hit the day after. Here are three sure-fire ways to ease aches after you exercise and get you back in the workout saddle sooner 
Gym Equipment

Add these home gym equipments to your better body arensal

For this week's team edit, we sharing our personal picks when it comes to home workout gear. These pieces of equipment will help you tone up and build muscle, whether in front of the sofa, your back yard, in your local part or even at the beach. Add them to your better body arsenal too!
running app

5 running apps you need in your life

There's an app for everything these days and with a plethora of running ones on the market, picking the right one (or finding it for that matter) can be tricky. We've sifted through the app store to find five of the best that will help you chase your running goals all the way to the finish line