Saturday, April 29, 2017


We're gonna make you sweat!

Split day training – a more effective resistance workout?

So you’ve finally gotten over your fear of venturing into the weights room. Well done you! Now it’s time to consider the way you’re approaching your strength training.

Strike a yoga pose: how to do a three-legged dog

This pose is great for lengthening the hamstrings, opening your chest and promoting balance.

Why yoga is great for guys

Kate Kendall explains why yoga will help you prevent injuries and perform better.

Cutting to the chase: the secret to great glutes

Want a perkier butt? Neil Russell tells us how to achieve it.

MKR star Scott Gooding talks paleo and functional fitness

Bondi-based trainer Scott Gooding is one half of the fit foodie duo that charmed audiences on My Kitchen Rules in 2013.

The Wild Thing Yoga Pose: How to!

A fantastic pose for strengthening the arms and improving your backs flexibility.

Why We Love High-Intensity Interval Training!

Why we’re loving the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) trend.

6 Steps To Get Into A Forearm Stand

Have you always secretly envied those healthie Instagram Elbow Stands that every girl is doing on the beach?

A Morning In The Life Of Bianca Cheah

I'm super excited to share with you my first video for Sporteluxe.

Can Yoga With Weights Tone The Body?

After countless friends of mine asking about how to tone and lengthen the body without doing the hardcore sweat workouts, I can actually say after experience that yoga with weights is the perfect option.