Monday, June 26, 2017


We're gonna make you sweat!

Sporteluxe TV! All the action from our exclusive event with rebel

Welcome to the first episode of Sporteluxe TV! What went down when we co-hosted a workout with the rebelFIT store in Sydney’s Balmain.

The ultimate workout for toned arms!

Spring is just around the corner which means our arms are going to be on display again soon. These moves from Greg Stark will ban arm flab for good.

Exercise: two simple fitness strategies to increase your motivation

Exercise physiologist Neil Russell reveals how to be more motivated and inspired to workout.

Get your sweat on with Sporteluxe and rebel

Based in Sydney? Register for our event tomorrow morning hosted by rebel for a free training session with team Sporteluxe and awesome prizes.

Heidi Klum for New Balance new collection launch

The launch of Heidi Klum’s latest range at an event co-hosted by New Balance and rebel.

Yoga music! Kate Kendall shares her ultimate playlist

Try elevating your practice with Kate's playlist.

Stress busting yoga pose

Bianca Cheah's how-to guide to the perfect yoga pose to end your day with.

Video: fitness with Bianca Cheah

The super fit and healthy founder of Sporteluxe shows you how she likes to sweat!

adidas ambassador Christian Miranda shares post-race advice

Celeb trainer Christian Miranda shares some expert advice for dealing with muscle soreness.

Inside the adidas and Stylerunner City to Surf after party!

The hottest ticket in Sydney yesterday was the adidas and Stylerunner after party at Icebergs.