Sunday, April 30, 2017


Why You Need To Sign Up To This Gym Today!

Forget the hustle and bustle of large sweaty gyms with member numbers sitting in the hundreds of thousands and why not try the Potts Points P.E Department.

Cycling or running? Which is better for weight loss!

The new spin fitness craze is pumping and everyone is doing it.

Are you running and not losing weight?

Do you run laps around a park or run kms on the treadmill at the same pace in hope to burn those extra kilos...

Trending: The Instagram healthie selfie!

Is this the new healthy selfie?

Cleo’s flat tummy secrets with Sporteluxe

Forget about the plain old boring sit-up, in this months September CLEO Magazine Neil Russell from Atleta Fitness and myself show you the flat...

Sydney’s most exclusive and private gym

Tucked away in Darlinghurst lies one of Sydney's most exclusive and private boutique gyms.

The latest fitness craze, Ballet Barre

Get this, a one hour session of Barre3 which combines yoga, pilates and ballet barre can burn up to 600 calories! That's seriously impressive....

The quickest way to burn fat fast

No more belting it out on the treadmill or running loops around Centennial Park for hours on end to see fat loss results.

Sore the day after a workout? You should be stretching!

But now after many pep talks from my personal trainers, I've found that stretching is key after a workout.