Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The Grid

This new class burns 500 calories in 30 minutes!

Like the sound of burning 500 calories in 3o minutes? You'll want to try The Grid at Virgin Active, the gym's newest and toughest class yet!
Great Ocean Way

Found! The best secret running tracks!

Tired of the monotonous treadmill? Then read on to discover some our favourite secret running tracks that are worth lacing up for.

Is Cheerobics set to take over London’s fitness scene?

Cheerobics, a dance and fitness class hybrid that mixes cheerleading moves with high intensity aerobics, is making waves on the London fitness scene.
Kate Kendall, Flow Athletic, Flow after dark

Must do yoga event! Flow After Dark is back in Sydney!

Sydney yoga lovers should get in quick to get their tickets to Flow After Dark with Kate Kendall this Wednesday night!
Commando whole body workout, Commando Steve, The Biggest Loser, workout guide

Try Commando Steve’s full body workout!

This full body workout from Commando Steve’s new GetCommandoFit program will make you sweat!
Commando, inverted row, Commando Steve, The Biggest Loser, Steve Willis, exercise guide, Get Commando Fit

Why the inverted row is one of Commando Steve’s fave exercises!

To celebrate the release of his new book Get Commando Fit, The Biggest Loser trainer Commando Steve Willis gives us his guide to the inverted row.
Commando, Commando Steve, Box jumps, fitness workouts, workout guide

Commando’s guide to the perfect box jump!

To celebrate the release of his new book Get Commando Fit, The Biggest Loser trainer Commando Steve Willis shows us how to do the ultimate box jump.

3 awesome outdoor tennis courts to play on!

We’ve got tennis on our minds at the moment! So we’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor tennis court Sydney and Melbourne have to offer., Rachel Brathen

The best places to do SUP Yoga & Pilates!

We’ve rounded up some of the top spots for SUP Yoga and SUP Pilates to get you toned and balanced at the same time!
Learn to surf

Learn to surf this summer!

Want a great workout that’s also seriously fun? Why not back to school this summer. Surf school we mean. We’ve found some of the best places to learn to surf around the country.