Saturday, March 25, 2017


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Barre Body Online launches with workouts just like this one

Now you can Barre in your bedroom.
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Try Kate Kendall’s killer core workout

Warning: it burns!
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Try this 5-minute Burn with Emma Seibold of Barre Body

The Barre burn is real.
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7 easy yoga moves to target and tone triceps

Engage your upper body in totally unexpected ways.
Cheah Tae Kwon Do, Steven Cheah, Bianca Cheah

Can practicing Taekwondo make you more mindful?

It’s a serious workout for the body and brain.
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The Sliding Plank Move That Works Better Than Boring Crunches (Seriously)

Get a six-pack and clean your floors in one fell swoop.
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We’ve found the best workout for your star sign

Here's your exercise horoscope.
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This bungee dance class will help fire up your core

Jump to the occasion (wink wink).
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5 full body Pilates moves that seriously burn

Transform your body in 6 weeks with this Pilates challenge.