Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Use interior design to promote wellness!

Sarah Ranawake chatted to celebrity interior designer Darren Palmer and asked him to share some secrets for cultivating an atmosphere of calming wellness at home.

DIY natural cleaning recipes to try this weekend!

Natural homemade cleaners offer many benefits for your home and health says Mia Lake.

How to create a nature-inspired kitchen!

Interior stylist and author Mr Jason Grant shares his top tips for bringing the outdoors into your kitchen.
Jason Grant

How to bring the happiness of holidays home!

Mr Jason Grant reveals his best interior styling secrets to help you channel the happiness of vacay everyday!

The genius storage idea that saves time and reduces stress

These days time is one of the most luxurious commodities of all. So it might shock you to hear that, over the course of...
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Promote calmness with bohemian interiors

Want to bring a sense of purity and calm to your home? Try embracing bohemian white style says Mia Lake.

A stylish guide to positive affirmation art

Mia Lake’s guide to quote art which can boost your inspiration and mood.

Blue mood! Bring calm and tranquility to your home with chinoiserie

Mia Lake looks at this elegant and timeless interiors style and how it can promote a sense of serenity and calm.
Interior Design Upcycling

An interior designer shares her top upcycling tips for an eco...

In our throwaway society it can sometimes seem like that just about everything has a limited lifespan or is disposable. However, the design trend of upcycling and re-purposing is turning this on its head.

Mood boosting properties of fresh flowers

Mia Lake chats to florist Rheannon Lee about how flowers can boost your mood and transform your home.