Wednesday, August 23, 2017


How body oils changed this blogger’s life

Fitness and health coach, Lee Sutherland, once feared using oils on her face and body, scared that it may lead to pesky breakouts. However, she has now come to realise that quality, organic oils are an absolute must-have. The beauty benefits of these skin-loving body oils are endless, here's why you should switch your moisturiser for an oil today

5 ‘health’ foods that are making you fat

It’s easy to get confused by the various ‘healthy’ food options available these days. Whether something is ‘fat free’, ‘all-natural’ or ‘organic’, we're often tricked into eating things that aren’t as nutritionally balanced as we think. In fact, sometimes the calories and chemicals in these them are higher than in junk foods. Here are 5 common faux-healthy 'health' foods to avoid
Jessica Sepel, The Healthy Life, lose weight by exercising less

Is exercising less the secret to weight loss?

Not long ago, well-known nutritionist and author, Jess Sepel, was exercising twice a day and eating clean but the needle on her scales refused to budge. It wasn't until she changed the way she approached exercise and her health that changes happened. Here is how she did it, and how you can too
Winter cleansing, how to cleanse in winter, detox

5 ways to cleanse without starving yourself in cooler months

To keep your body energised and cleansed throughout winter you need to apply the same principles to your diet you would during summer. But we all know salads for meals and raw vegetables for snacks are nowhere near as appealing when it's cold outside. So what can you do? Follow these 5 easy tips from top sports dietitian and Swisse in-house expert Simone Austen
Running advice, running injuries, tips for runners

5 ways amateur runners stumble into injury + easy, smart solutions!

Running related injuries occur all too often, especially when at an amateur level. If you've signed yourself up for an upcoming running race but aren't feeling too confident, our guest blogger Johann Ruys, has some helpful, easy solutions to common running injuries leading up to race day 

Could boosting magnesium solve all your health woes?

We’re always hearing frequent cheers for the likes of vitamin C, iron and zinc but in my opinion, magnesium is a cut above all these other vitamin and mineral players and one of the most under-valued in the human body. This could well be the solution to all your health woes!
Andrew Pap, fitness advice

Andrew Pap’s top fitness tips

Andrew Pap is an elite endurance athlete, SKINS Athlete and star of search4hurt season 2. He is also the owner and operator of Battle Fit Australia a progressive 10 week bootcamp program. Here Andrew shares his top fitness tips to ensure motivation and continual success.
Kirsty Godso, fitness advice, how to get lean legs

How to get leaner legs by Kirsty Godso

Who doesn't dream of having legs that look long and lean in both leather pants and lycra? So what's the secret to getting them? While there's no simple shortcut, Nike master trainer - and new Sporteluxe regular contributor - Kirsty Godso offers these expert tips on how to work your way to hot 'Legs 11' status
Chloe Morello, How to do the natural makeup lookvideo

Natural makeup: How to master this look

This is the most versatile makeup look you could ever master. Here's how to recreate my ultimate 'no makeup makeup' look - as perfect for gym as it is work and daytime dates. Unless you get a couple of inches away from my face, you wouldn't even know I was wearing any!
Barry Cafe

Lola Berry reveals her fave Melbourne health & wellness hotspots

The nutritionist and cookbook author opens up her wellness address book.