Saturday, March 25, 2017


At home with Talitha Cummins & Ben Lucas

The Weekend Sunrise newsreader and her husband give us a peek into their healthy world.

Catching up with adidas ambassador Christian Miranda

We chat to the celebrity trainer about functional fitness, how he stays healthy while travelling and his love of hoodies and coconut oil.

Meet Melissa Ambrosini, the inspiring health coach, writer and speaker

A true advocate for wellness, Melissa radiates health and glows from the inside out.

Meet the Candice Kumai, the stunning chef, author and TV star!

She’s a New York based Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and cookbook author who’s passionate about smoothies, juices and nourishing wholefoods. Meet our latest girl crush Candice Kumai!

Masterchef star Dan Churchill talks training and practical paleo

Dan Churchill shares his passion for nourishing food and healthy living.
Barry Cafe

Lola Berry reveals her fave Melbourne health & wellness hotspots

The nutritionist and cookbook author opens up her wellness address book.

MKR star Scott Gooding talks paleo and functional fitness

Bondi-based trainer Scott Gooding is one half of the fit foodie duo that charmed audiences on My Kitchen Rules in 2013.

Meet new Aussie sports IT girl, Ellyse Perry

Meet Adidas girl, Ellyse Perry who is currently taking the world by Storm.

Lara Bingle on fitness, food and bikinis!

We love Lara Bingle and we just can't get enough of the Aussie beauty these days. Read her latest fitness and food tips!

Catching up with surfer babe Sally Fitzgibbons

Fitzgibbons is the ultimate pin up for women's fitness and when Sporteluxe cornered the super fit beauty to scoop how she stays so toned and healthy, we couldn't wait to share with you Sally's secrets below. Happy reading!