Sunday, April 30, 2017


How running can help fight cravings

Not only does running boost your metabolism, new research suggests it can help you make smarter food choices as well.

Are nuts the key to a longer life?

Living longer may be as simple as raiding a squirrels stash or, er just hitting up the supermarket.

Trying to conceive? Cinnamon could help!

Add some spice back into making a baby. The er, food kind. Women struggling to conceive due to PCOS may have an unlikely new ally, cinnamon.

Boost your memory with rosemary

End up calling everyone at a party babe or mate because you forgot their name, again? Awkward. Give your memory a boost by adding rosemary or spearmint to your next meal.

Why glass containers are better for your health!

Need a little extra motivation to eat less packaged foods? This might be it.

Order first and start the trend!

Turns out you feel peer pressured to order from the same section of the menu as your mates.

A delish juice cleanse you’ll want to try!

Forget juice cleanses tasting boring with no flavour, we've finally found one that actually tastes good!

Reduce your risk of obesity and improve fertility by eating breakfast

Find yourself hitting the snooze button since the switch to day light savings? Don’t skip breakfast to make up a few extra minutes. Two...

The inner and outer health benefits of coconut oil

Forget that it’s found in the kitchen — coconut oil has become the most obsessed about natural beauty staple. Here, we reveal some of this super food’s inner and outer health benefits.

Lose weight with Kale!

All hail to Kale! It seems that Kale is the latest superfood of choice at the moment.