Saturday, March 25, 2017


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How To Become A Nutritionist In Three Easy Steps

Can you recite the nutritional information of any food and whip up a gourmet salad like a pro chef? A career as a nutritionist might be for you.
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Eating Spicy Foods Could Help You Live Longer, Says New Research

Pass the hot sauce, please.
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Woke Up With A Cold Sore? Here’s How To Treat It ASAP

Six all-natural ways to stop a cold sore in its tracks.
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Craving Pasta? Or Chocolate? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying To Tell You

Because we need a legit excuse for eating the whole block.
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How To Detox Like Gwyneth Paltrow, According To Her 2017 Plan

We promise it's not all bone broth.
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7 Super Easy Changes That’ll Make You Healthier Straight Away

It's all about tiny tweaks, people.
Bianca Cheah shares her dairy journey with Sportelxue

I Started Eating Dairy. Here’s What Happened To My Body

The results might shock you.
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This Is How Long It Really Takes To Get Out Of Shape

Hint: it's worse than we expected.
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The Fitness And Wellness Trends You’ll Be Loving In 2017

According to the industry's biggest experts and influencers.
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Here’s How To Undo The Food (And Booze) Damage of Last Night’s Holiday Party

Because that entire cheese wheel didn't just get up and walk away ...