Friday, February 24, 2017


Healthy hotspots and delicious wholefood recipes.

passionfruit cheesecake pots, michelle bridges, food for life, sweet recipes

These Passionfruit Cheesecake Pots Are Only 133 Calories

But they taste seriously indulgent.
vegetable soup, detox soup, lee holmes, gut health, gut healing recipes, healthy soup

A Practical Guide To Gut Health: The First Step To Healing Your Gut

We asked the experts so you didn't have to...again.
The Natural Nutritionist, hangover cures, nutrition, recipes

This Is What A Top Nutritionist Eats When She’s Hungover

For everyone feeling a little, ahem, under the weather today.
Rachael Finch, choc banana whip, ice cream

4 Ingredient Choc Banana Whip Nice Cream

Fact: Ice cream is delicious—no matter the temperature or season. However, although it brings so much (temporary) comfort, most processed varieties are jam-packed with added sugar. That's why we turn to a healthier alternative: homemade...
cacao crunch, chocolate, Pana Chocolate, Valentine's Day, raw

Make Your Own Raw Vegan Chocolates From Scratch This Valentine’s Day

Pana Chocolate have graciously shared their cacao crunch recipe.