Sunday, August 20, 2017


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How to eat right for your age

Want to live forever? Find out what you should be eating at every life stage.
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5 yoga poses to encourage fertility

It turns out it's not just the poses inside the bedroom that count.
Pregnancy Safe shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo

Mum, Jen Dugard swears by this flake-free hair care range

Got an itchy, flaky scalp? Try this pregnancy-safe hair care range.
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5 ways to boost his sperm count, naturally

Decided he’s the only fish in the sea? Make sure he’s got good swimmers.
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Natural ways to calm the mind and body of a busy...

Between soccer practice, playgroup and cooking dinner, it can de difficult to find time for you.
Prenatal Yoga

Should you do yoga when you’re pregnant?

To practice or not to practice? That is the question. Our yoga guru Kate Kendall shares her thoughts on pregnancy yoga.
Bianca Cheah, pregnancy yoga poses

4 prenatal yoga moves for expecting mums

So you're expecting a baby? Congratulations! As any expecting mum will agree, if we knew of a workout that gave us back our original pre-baby body quicker, we'd all be doing it right? Well, read these pre-natal yoga poses not only help in that department, but will make your pregnancy far more comfortable physically. Adios aching back and hips...
Jen Dugard, fit mum

Why our new regular expert Jen Dugard is the ultimate ‘fit...

We're so excited to welcome master personal trainer Jen Dugard to our Sporteluxe regular expert contributor family! The diversely qualified fitness coach, writer/author and mother of two, specialises in helping mothers (both new and not-so-new) find their body confidence and balance again after pregnancy. Here are a few 'get to know Jen' health wisdoms from her own life we can all learn from
Roz Kelly Morkel, pregnancy tips

My favourite fit pregnancy tips, by Roz Kelly-Morkel

Sporteluxe contributor, sports TV journalist and mum-to-be Roz Kelly Morkel has learned a few things about staying active, healthy and sane over the course of her pregnancy. (Not surprising given her baby's being born into such a high-profile international sporting family!) Here are four fit pregnant body wisdoms she's learned over the past seven months
Barre Body, Emma Seibold

The best butt and thigh workout for pregnancy!

Emma Seibold from Barre Body created this lower body butt and thigh workout exclusively for Sporteluxe. It’s perfect for all stages of pregnancy and for new mums.