Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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Sick of getting sick? Try this immunity-boosting attack plan

If you’re sick of popping Codral like it’s going out of fashion and are looking for a more natural approach to illness prevention, Amazonia’s new Immunity Plan could be just the thing. We’ve had a look and there are no wheat grass shots in sight; just a holistic approach to health management combining delicious recipes and essential nutrients to naturally support and strengthen your body’s immune system

Could boosting magnesium solve all your health woes?

We’re always hearing frequent cheers for the likes of vitamin C, iron and zinc but in my opinion, magnesium is a cut above all these other vitamin and mineral players and one of the most under-valued in the human body. This could well be the solution to all your health woes!

Could kinesiology be the secret to your better health?

A growing number of elite sportspeople now use kinesiology as a way to ward off injury and boost their performance. But what exactly is it, what does it treat and how can we all use it to improve our day-to-day health? Chiropractor and kinesiologist Dr Kate Wood explains

Make wellness your career series – PART 3 (finding your groove)

So you're still dreaming of working in an industry fuelled by your passion for health and fitness, but to truly find the right path, first you need to understand what your deepest wants are and why. In this Part 3 of our 4-part Wellness Career series, Barre Body founder Emma Seibold shows you how to identify what matters most to you
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How I quit hustling and focused on heart to re-find my...

Are you caught up in a whirlwind of striving, overwork and playing the competitive game? Focusing more on the daily hustle than your own heart can leave you burned out, body and soul. Yoga teacher Kate Kendall knows this personally. Here's her best advice for putting a little healthy 'softness' back into your life
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Is intuitive eating the secret to ditching diets forever?

Are you sick of the fad diet roller coaster? Approaching what you eat with new mindfulness could be the solution, says exercise physiologist, nutritionist and author Kathleen Alleaume. Here are her top tips for learning exactly what your body is hungry for to completely change your relationship with food
Scotty Gooding, Paleo diet, Paleo explained

What you should really know about Paleo

If you, like many others, are still confused about what the Paleo diet entails and are concerned about the health implications of this type of lifestyle, then this article is for you. Personal trainer, health coach and popular author, Scotty Gooding explains the key points behind Paleo and how eating food in its most natural state is not only sustainable, affordable and healthy, but far removed from the 'dangerous' label that the Paleo diet has been pinned with
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My journey from stressed TV presenter to wellness coach

Former Channel 9 sports reporter and Today Show regular Roz Kelly-Morkel was fast-rising to the top of her very high-profile career arena, but burned out, stressed out and with priorities completely out of whack in the process. Here's why she chose to walk away and become a holistic health and wellness coach, and how her life transformed in the process. You'll find plenty of her learnings will apply to your own life too

Make wellness your career series – Part 1 (Should you? Could...

Let's face it: wellness is big business. But if you're passionate about healthy living and dream about turning that into your work, how do you know the right way to start, if your motivations are right and how to pinpoint exactly what you want to do? Wildly successful Barre Body founder Emma Seibold shares her best advice
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Fantastic tea remedy for winter colds & flu

Feeling run down, flu-struck or just fighting off a niggling illness? This recipe for a delicious, immune-boosting tea by Cassie Mendoza-Jones is quick and easy to make and great for soothing a sore, dry throat or swollen glands