Two Celebrity Hair Colourists On How To Make Your Colour Last

Because we're all "natural", right?

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I have a confession: Until very recently, I was hopeless with my hair. When it was dirty, I washed it and if I needed to look presentable, I’d give it a brush. I chose whatever products were on sale at the supermarket and I had never touched a treatment. My version of a blow wave was pointing the hair dryer at my scalp and hoping it wouldn’t burn.


But recently, after the realisation that my blonde locks were looking a little dull, I decided to colour my hair. I visited Que Colour in Darlinghurst and as sad as it is to admit, I’ve never felt better. And now that I love my hair colour, I want to know how to keep it, so I reached out to the experts. Below, I spoke to celebrity Hair Colourist, Christophe Robin and director of Que Colour, Monique McMahon to find out more.

What are your top tips for finding a hair colourist you love?

McMahon: “Do your research and stalk a few salons on Instagram. Then, call them and see what their availability is like. Ask your friends if they have heard of them and go in for a consultation first.”

What are three things every woman should know before she colours her hair?


  1. There’s no beautiful colour without healthy hair
  2. Stay close to your natural hair colour, no more than two tones up or down.
  3. Choose nourishing haircare that is free from silicone and harsh detergents to preserve colour vibrancy.

What are your tricks for making colour last?

Robin: “Women have to colour their hair every four to eight weeks. In Paris, women tend to space out their colouration more and more. They opt for cares that extend the vibrancy of their colour and nourish the fibre.

Always use products tailored to your needs. For every woman and more specifically blondes, I recommend the moisturising hair oil with lavender and the cleansing mask with lemon. This routine nourishes the fibre, protects the colour and gives an incredible shine.

Dry and bleached hair needs more nutrition. Coloured hair is less sensitised. It needs a mild washer and a more acidic pH to properly enclose the artificial pigments in the fibre. My colour fixator wheat germ line was designed for that. In both cases, always use a deep mask after your shampoo. My regenerating mask with rare prickly pear seed oil is unrivaled to nourish scalp and hair without weighing it down.”

McMahon: “I love to use products at home that make my colour last longer. There are so many now that will really help keep your colour hold well and looking luminous. To start with, what products you use depends on your actual colour. Reds are notoriously quick to fade, so I’d recommend a colour fixator shampoo and mask that will lock in colour and really condition hair. I love Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation pots to keep my colour lasting beautifully between salon visits.”

How can a client ensure a smooth hair colour appointment?

McMahon: “To keep everyone on track with your colour direction, I always recommend using three reference pictures. This allows you to see the colour on different hair types, as colour can vary dramatically on different hair lengths and thickness.”

What hair products are you currently loving?

McMahon: “I’m obsessed with three products right now as it’s peak summer, and my hair has been in the sun and salt water a lot! A cleansing mask with lemon by Christophe Robin. I love this when I get out of the ocean—I don’t wash my hair I just use this as my shampoo and conditioner instead. It’s the modern version of a two in one product that leaves my hair just feeling incredible. I have been AMAZED at how my hair feels. It uses lemon to cleanse, and St John’s Wort to condition and add elasticity and shine. And my favourite shampoo/conditioner right now is Christophe’s Regenerating Shampoo and Regenerating Mask. These products have saved many locks this summer.”

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