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Coffee. The legal addictive stimulant we need for adulting. In fact, one might argue it is the sole reason we humans wake up on Mondays or meet for brunch on Sundays. It boasts many hidden talents, skin care among others, and when traveling it becomes practically a necessity to get over the inevitable jet lag. A city like Hong Kong is always buzzing with excitement. Ever wondered why it never seems to slow down? Yup, you guessed it: Coffee. Or more specifically, quality boutique coffee shops. Perfect for rainy days lounging around big arm chairs or people watching, soy latte in hand.

Since we’re all well aware of the powers of a good cup of Jo’ (or really cool alternatives), here are five coffee shops you’ll need to try for yourself.

1Brew Bros Coffee 

Finally found. #hardtofindagoodcoffee

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With a focus on serving high quality coffee with beans imported from Melbourne’s Market Lane, this hole in the wall is a hidden gem for your tastebud’s delight. Oh and don’t forget to try their tasty bagels! 

2Common Ground

Don’t be fooled by it’s location or size. Common Ground, although ironically named, is a boutique coffee shop located on a stairway between two busy streets. The relaxed atmosphere and suprisingly calm surroundings make it a little haven in a busy street. And if that doesn’t convince you, their “brain juice” (a.k.a coffee) definitely will.

3Open Door Cafe


Smoothies, healthy lunches and outdoor seating await at Open Door Cafe, where you can B.Y.O.D (bring your own dog!) and get them a puppacino on their patio area. It also doubles up as a art gallery to support local artists in the area!

4The Cupping Room

Time for a treat: Cookies ‘n’ Creme Cruffin 🍪🍼#cuppingroomcentral #cruffins A photo posted by cuppingroomhk (@cuppingroomhk) on

They may have perfected the cappuccino, but there’s another word that comes to mind when you mention Cupping Room: Pastries. Lots, and lots, of beautifully made pastries. Aside from beautifully decorated modern and chic interior, the Cupping Room really take the cake, pun intended.

5Mansons Lot

homemade cheesecake (more on the “cheesy” side, which i weirdly liked, & delicious crust) at @mansonslot A photo posted by Leanne Mirandilla (@lemirandilla) on

The cosy setting will have you settled into their booths and ready to taste test all that Mansons Lot has on offer. With their larger-than-your-face coffees and mouth watering brunch menu, its definitely worth a Sunday afternoon (how can you resist home made cheesecake?)

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