How to make your fake tan last with Chloe Morello

This video is all about how I achieve a gorgeous sun-kissed glow with fake tan. I love to use fake tan, especially throughout the winter months and I feel that I’ve really perfected the art because mine always last well over a week. I never get patchiness and love the natural look I achieve. In the video I explain how I prepare my skin a few days before (which is a fake tan must) and how I keep it looking fresh for the week after.

TIP: Everyone asked me how I was able to tan my back. I (luckily) have flexible arms so I am able to reach my back to rub it in with a mitt. However, if you are using a spray you can apply it by leaning forward and holding the can above your head, and spraying backwards onto your back, with the same motion as a rotating fan. Keep an eye out for an upcoming video on how to tan hard-to-reach places!

Chloe Morello’s must-have fake tan products


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Palmers Coco body spray

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Chloe Morello
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