If her enviable sense of style and entrepreneurial ways weren’t enough to make you love Lindy Klim, then her honest account of the joys and challenges of motherhood surely will.

The Bali-based model juggles running lifestyle brand Milk & Co, hitting the decks as a DJ and writing a fashion and lifestyle blog with raising three young children (a.k.a. her tribe), and does it with aplomb.

Here, Lindy shares invaluable lessons she learnt from her own mum and reveals what tips she’ll pass onto her own children. Because after all, mum’s always know best.

Lindy Klim, Mothers Day

Lindy Klim opens up about motherhood

Motherhood has taught me…

Patience and unconditional love.

The best part about being a mum is…

Knowing that I created three amazing little human beings.

The worst part about being a mum is….

Knowing that they will ultimately blame me for something in their life that they are not happy with!

My mum told me…

To know my body, to listen to my body and to trust my body.

My advice to my tribe is…

You are who you are, so work with that!

Want to take a sneak peak inside Lindy’s gorgeous Bali abode? Click here to see more


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