Sydney’s Toast Game Just Got Stronger with the opening of Mr Topper’s Toast Bar

The smashed avo comes with gold (I mean, charcoal) dusted feta.

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Just when you thought the Australian obsession with avocado on toast couldn’t get any stronger, Sydney became home to the country’s first dedicated toast bar. Yep, take your spoons home muesli fiends, it’s serving toast and more toast with all the trimmings.

Located on Campbell Parade, North Bondi, Mr Topper’s Toast Bar opens today (November 14) to meet all your breakfast needs. There are nine offerings on the menu – and a weekly special – each consisting of a sweet or savoury feast atop a thick hit of carbohydrates, yum.

The Toast

There’s the Homestyle, a medley of crispy bacon, muddled egg and sweet tomato chutney (your classic B+E), and The Fancy Pants, featuring smoked salmon, crème fraiche, cucumber and dill. And it wouldn’t be complete without the essential avocado, which comes with mild chilli flakes, mixed sesame and gold (sorry, charcoal) dusted goats feta – you read that right.

Even vegans and sugar fiends are accounted for, as mushrooms mix with hummus and strawberries saddle up next to honey and clotted cream. And coeliacs, before you go running from your dough-dusted nightmare, there are gluten-free loaves available too.

Still too much for you? Then pick your bread and choose your spread – they’ve got them all.

The Bar

As for the space, it has an old-school New York-style vibe, appropriately accompanied by classic 50’s and 60’s music. And while the bar is mostly saved for on-the-move brunch goers, there’s a scattering of seating too.

Mr Topper’s is open all seven days from 6:30am to 4pm, serving both breakfast and lunch. Each slice will set you back $11 so fingers crossed your toppings are towering high.

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