Check out Puma’s New Collection

These days looking fashionable whilst training and playing sport has fast become a house hold trend. There are so many options to choose from with so many great fashionable active wear brands in the market at the moment, that the simple task of throwing on an old holey t-shirt and pair of Hawaiian shorts has long gone out the window (pay attention hubby, this is for the men too). Puma is a fantastic brand that has taken on the fashion fitness trend, and here I am head to toe in Puma’s new 2013 collection pieces.  The 3/4 tights and shorts in one are such a great option for customers. Not only do they look trendy, they are also great for those days you aren’t feeling the fittest and can know that you are well covered up for whatever exercise you venture out to do. For me, that exercise is crunches or the bicycle move on my back. For $60, that’s a great price for two items in one! Their new range features bold bright colours and prints, sport chic style shoes, great fitting caps and bright red sweat bands. The new range is available now at Rebel Sport stores and online here.

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