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Here are the fitness, beauty, and wellness stories we’ve read and bookmarked.

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Each week, we’re sharing the most interesting (and sometimes controversial) fitness, beauty, and wellness stories we’ve read and bookmarked. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

The best bits from around the web

In case you haven’t heard, Pap smears are being phased out in 2017. But, before you pop open the champagne to celebrate (yes, Pap smears are pretty uncomfortable, but they’re worth it), the Australian Government will be introducing the “Cervical Screening Test”. According to new research and information, this new method will involve a similar procedure but promises to be more effective in detecting signs of cervical cancer.

In 2017, we’ll also be saying hello to the newest “it” skincare ingredient: your blood. Yes, that’s right, your blood. German physician and researcher, Dr. Barbara Sturm – the woman who pioneered the “vampire facial” – now offers a bespoke blood cream service. “Your blood is drawn into a syringe that has irregularly shaped glass beads, which trigger the blood cells to produce healing factors,” says Dr. Sturm. Victoria’s Secret Angel, Elsa Hosk told us that she’s already on board, but we’re not quite sold on this one, yet.

Are you a hot chip enthusiast? (Who are we kidding, of course, you are!) Researchers from The Florey Institute have examined why we’re so addicted to salt, and what they found might not surprise you. The study revealed that your salt cravings originate from the same place in the brain as drug addiction.

In other food news, a study in the journal Nature Medicine discovered that people who eat cheese actually live longer.

So, grab a bottle of wine, some classic, creamy Brie or smokey Cheddar, and enjoy guilt-free.

If you’re notorious for being late in the morning or struggling to find the motivation to workout, take a squiz at Jessica Alba’s A.M. routine.

And finally, watch this super cute video of a polar bear petting a Canadian Eskimo dog -#friendshipgoals.

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