The Secret To Jiggle Free Arms!

Ever waved goodbye to a friend and then cringed in horror at that jiggle under your arm? Yep it’s called the dreaded bat wings. Nobody wants them and we certainly don’t need them! Luckily we can combat them with a few simple moves that will tighten the arms in no time.

We decided to ask the super fit and gorgeous Nike trainer, Kirsty Godso about how she keeps her arms jiggle free.

Kirsty: Firstly, it is important to note that we want to focus on shaping the entire arm rather than simply the ‘bat wing’ area. Performing exercises that work our chest, arms and back muscles simultaneously will give a nice overall look and shape to our arms. But for today we will focus on the Croc Row. Next week we will work on the Med Ball Press Up.

The Crow Row Workout: Start with a wide stance with toes slightly turned out on each foot. Place one hand on a bench for support and straighten the arm holding the weight until your back is in a flat position. Brace your abdominals as you row the weight, pulling it up towards your upper rib and feeling the squeeze in between your shoulder blades. Stop when your elbow is in line with your shoulder. Lower the weight back down and repeat 8-10 times then perform exactly the same exercise holding the weight in your other hand. This exercise is great for shaping your bicep and back. Use a heavy weight for this exercise.

Croc Row post 2

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