Thursday, April 27, 2017


Barrys Bootcamp instructor Dandan Lee

11 Celebrity Trainers On How They Stay On Top of Their Own Self-Care

In class, trainers seem like super-human freaks of nature. They seem to run fast, lift heavier, and scream (motivate?) louder than anyone else in the room. But they don't come by those rippled muscles and...

Jen Bandier Shares a Page From Her Food Diary

Wellness tips from the fashion and fitness entrepreneur.

We Want Smoothie Bowl Queen Lee Tilghman To Be Our Breakfast & Workout BFF

Just take a little scroll through her Instagram and you'll see what we mean.

How to Do The Hero Exercise That Tones Your Abs, Arms, and Booty

Best part—you can do it in front of the TV.

L.A. Celebs Are Obsessed With This Candy-Eating Fitness Expert

You probably haven't heard of Lauren Kleban. That's a good thing for the much-requested celebrity trainer, who holds classes and training sessions with L.A.'s elite from her small private studio in Hollywood. Part of the...
first base athletic gear

Meet the Ethical Activewear Company that Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson Is Betting On

Tracey Anderson makes a surprising pick for her new boutiques.
Speedplay LA workout

Curves Ahead! Sculpt Your Shoulders, Abs, and Glutes With This Workout From Speedplay LA

This workout is all about sculpting your curves: Shoulders, abs, and butt.