Thursday, March 30, 2017


I Froze Myself Everyday For a Week To Lose Weight

Does cryotherapy live up to the hype?
social fitness

This Fitness Tech Trend Will Transform the Way You Work Out

Social fitness has never been such a buzzy term. Finding a workout buddy to drag you out of bed in the morning and to the gym, or someone who will hold you accountable if...

Even Pro Athletes Have Muscle “Jiggle”—These Genius Tights Hold You In Place AND Improve...

When you look good, you feel good. And when you're confident, you can do anything.
Apple Nike+Watch

I Tried the Apple Nike+ Watch—And I Was So Surprised When This Popped Up...

This writer-by-day, ultrarunner-by-night tried out the new Apple Nike+ watch.
healthy gifts under $25

10 Healthy Gift Ideas Under $25

There are two reasons to gift an uber-healthy Kris Kringle present—either you happened to land a yoga-obsessed, natural-beauty buff who's every bit as wellness-minded as you are, or you want to give something great that also reflects...