Thursday, January 19, 2017


Claire Grieve, Crow Pose

8 Of Our Favorite Yoga Workouts of 2016

Eight at-home yoga workouts that'll make you break a sweat.
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#StopDropAndYoga Made This Dancer-Turned-Yogi Famous—And We’re Obsessed With Her

International fitness citizen Elissa Marshall tells all.
The Nude yoga Girl Diet

Here’s How the Nude Yoga Girl Eats and Exercises To Stay In Shape (Other...

Exactly how the elusive Instagram star eats and exercises every day.
yoga for sex downward dog

This Is Your Brain On Yoga

As if you needed another reason to step onto the mat.
Claire Grieve, Ab workout, Sliding Plank

IN THE FLOW: The Sliding Plank Move That Works Better Than Boring Crunches (Seriously)

Get a six-pack and clean your floors in one fell swoop.
face yoga

Will A Two-Minute Face Yoga Routine Make You More Beautiful?

Fans swear this technique can prevent frown lines and even get rid of a double chin.
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9 Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sore back after a long day? Try these.
Crow Pose, Claire Grieve

How To Get Into Crow Pose in 6 Simple Steps

Prepare to take flight.
Y7, Infrared Yoga

Infrared Heated Yoga Will Make You Ditch Bikram Forever

Hot yoga is a trend that's proved it has serious staying power