Monday, May 29, 2017


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Is This New-Age Hypnosis Technique the Best Way To Get Over a Breakup?

Skip the rebound relationship and try this instead.
Love books

5 Books On Relationships That Will Change Your Life for the Better

Let's talk about sex (and relationships), baby.

Breadcrumbing Is the Horrible New Version of Ghosting—And Not Even Coupled Up People Can...

Honestly, it's way worse than ghosting and can happen to literally anyone.

5 Sexting Tips You Need To Know (Especially If Sexting Makes You Cringe)

Welcome to 2017, where 88 percent of adults are sexting. According to a study performed by Drexel University, people from the ages of 18 to 82 copped to sending a few dirty sexts. Yes, this...
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Is Your Boyfriend’s Gym Routine Killing His Sex Drive?

This study might show a link between his intense exercise regime and a low libido.