Thursday, March 30, 2017


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Woo-Woo Emojis Now Exist For Your Most Spiritual iMessage Ever

A big step up from the crystal ball and prayer hands emojis.

This is How to Eat Salad Every Day And Not Get Bored

No more #saddesklunch.
New Moon Rituals

5 Self-Love Rituals for the New Moon

New moon, who dis?

Meet “Medical Astrology” the Fun Way Horoscope-Obsessives Are Getting Health Inspo

If you already look to astrology for clarity about your love life and career, why not draw some wellness insight from the stars too? That's the thinking behind "medical astrology" a system that relies...
Robyn Berkley

Holistic Wellness and Beauty Tips From a NYC Health Insider

Printed leggings and hyper-colored sports bras have their place, but if you're more of a minimalist when it comes to activewear, you need to know Live the Process. The New York-based fit fashion label cuts flattering...

This Is Your Brain On Meditation

It's not switching off...
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QUIZ: Which Self-Care Practice Should You Try in 2017?

Find out which practice is right for you!
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7 Expert Nutritionists On Tiny Healthy Changes That Yield Big Results

It's all about tiny tweaks, people.