VIDEO: this move will give you tighter abs

Don’t everyone dream of that one quick workout that will tone their abdominals in a single easy move? Well say hello to one that will… that’s if you persist and do it regularly, of course.

The Boat Pose, or in sanskrit Paripurna Navasana, is a pose you can do almost anywhere. I call it the ab pose because that’s absolutely where it tightens. I suggest you mix this in mid way through a workout while your heart rate is higher for better results. But that’s not to say you can’t do it on your living room floor while you’re watching television too. Next time your slothing on your sofa, roll out your yoga mat and take a seat, moving up onto your sit bones, then elevate your legs so that they are parallel to the ground, like a boat.

For a more advanced version, raise your feet to the sky for the full pose. Just switch on your core muscles to hold the pose for as long as you can and feel the fire in your abdomen get strong.

Once you’ve held for as long as you can, take a break, then repeat. You can even throw a few twists and sit ups into the mix. Be creative so you’ll be more inclined to stay on your mat and work out than be a couch potato.

ALIGNMENT TIP: Try not to roll out your back. Keep your spine and neck long, engage your core and breathe. And smile!



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