Watch Gisele Bündchen kick butt in this inspirational video

Even supermodels aren’t immune to criticism and negativity. This is a lesson Gisele Bündchen now knows all too well. The Brazilian bombshell was just named as an ambassador for Under Armour, available exclusively at rebel in Australia, as part of the latest instalment of their I Will What I Want campaign.

However, the news was immediately met by lots of backlash on social media. But, instead of being brought down by the criticism, Gisele and Under Armour have decided to embrace it, by incorporating both positive and negative comments into one butt-kicking video. Watching it seriously inspired all of us here at Sporteluxe HQ, so we had share it!

We’re also following Gisele’s lead and embracing the benefits of boxing at the gym. “There are many benefits that draw women to boxing,” confirms Michael Cunico, national personal training manager for Fitness First.  “The punching and kicking movements in boxing expend considerable amounts of energy, are a great stress release and an intense aerobic workout. Moreover, boxing and other forms of strength training are hugely empowering for women. Developing boxing and defence skills can also make you mentally and physically stronger than before.”