Watch this incredible yoga film in the deserts of America

Melbourne based production company Wildebeest has teamed up with luxe active wear label Jaggad and renowned yogi Talia Peretz to create this stunning yoga film in the deserts of America.

Shot over two and a half days in the rocky terrain of greater California and Arizona, this short film celebrates the power of the human body and mind through the art of yoga whilst showcasing the breathtaking natural scenery and chic Jaggad designs.

‘I had the idea during a yoga class,’ says Julian Lucas, film director and co-founder of Wildebeest. ‘The instructor was saying that it’s just you on the four corners of the mat. The film is a realisation of that concept, when nothing else exists except you and your practice. We wanted to explore that part of your mind that’s usually locked away, of absolute focus and connection.’

Watch as Talia steps through a series of complex poses, all while making them look alluringly easy, as the cameras span over the sprawling plains. Rest assured you’ll be inspired to unroll that yoga mat and limber up!

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