Which blush is right for you?

A pop of colour on your cheeks can make you look healthier, fresher and more awake in less than 10 seconds.  And, while it’s possible for most of us to pull of a range of shades, there’s most definitely an art to choosing the right blush for your skin tone and type.

Powder blushes offer serious staying power and more often that not, work well with oilier skin types. If you have a blemish or dark spot on your cheek, a powder blush will layer seamlessly over the top of your concealer while a cream blush can rub away your base.


NARS x Guy Bourdin Limited Edition Blush in Day Dream $45

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Eleanor Pendleton
Eleanor Pendleton is an award-winning leading beauty and health journalist. Eleanor has held Beauty Editor positions at magazines including InStyle and FAMOUS. Eleanor has also written for publications including Harper's BAZAAR Australia, Harper's BAZAAR China and Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty. When Eleanor isn't editing her own beauty website, grittypretty.com, she is a Beauty Ambassador for SHOP Til You Drop magazine. In April 2013, Eleanor was awarded the highest achievement in fragrance journalism, The 2013 Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence, which is an internationally-recognised beauty industry award.