Why AIRbarre is the latest fitness craze!

It is no secret we love aerial yoga, Pilates and barre. So now that these elements have been combined into the latest fitness trend of AIRbarre we are jumping for joy! Already making waves in US, AIRbarre has only just arrived in Australia. In fact, Sky-Lab in Sydney’s Surry Hills is the only studio in Australia to offer this exercise method at the moment, having brought it over from New York.

Incorporating moves from ballet barre with an aerial hammock, this innovative workout is designed to relieve compression on joints, realign your body and get you looking long and lean. You’ll be safely suspended in a hammock, which acts as a soft trapeze and support while you master simple dance moves like pliés through to more advanced poses.

So, if you’re after a unique and fun way to exercise, get ready to channel your inner ballerina or acrobat and try Sky-Lab’s AIRbarre!


Suite 405
342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: 0412 458 157
Email: skylab.surryhills@gmail.com
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