Would you try a blue algae latte?

Melbourne’s Matcha Mylkbar has introduced a “Smurf Latte”, which contains lemon, ginger, coconut, agave and live blue algae.

Blue latte, algae

Forget turmeric, mushroom, and beetroot (yes, really), there’s a new coffee trend sweeping the streets of Melbourne. Introducing Matcha Mylkbar’s “Smurf Latte”, a warm concoction comprising of lemon, ginger, coconut, agave and E3 Live Blue Majik (a.k.a blue algae). That’s right, algae.

Although algae doesn’t seem like the most appetising addition to your morning cup of Joe, there are many reported health benefits.

“According to the supplier it supports mind and body balance, and the immune, nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems,” Matcha Mylkbar’s co-owner, Nic Davidson, told Broadsheet.

As for the taste? Davidson told Mashable, “People think it’s going to be a bubble-gummy sweet taste. You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It’s a quite sweet and ‘soury’ kind of taste … but it’s a difficult to explain taste — everyone thinks it’s different.”

If you’re not quite ready to swear off your morning espresso, we don’t blame you. The vegan hotspot also serves up an array of other buzz-worthy drinks and dishes. We’re talking matcha pancakes complete with dark chocolate sauce, matcha burgers as well as their signature vegan “egg” (more on that here).

We guarantee this won’t be the last rainbow coffee invention to take over Instagram. Watch this space.


Address: 72 Acland Street St Kilda Melbourne
Website: www.matchamylkbar.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/matchamylkbar/
Instagram: @matcha_mylkbar

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