How Nutritional Psychiatry Can Help Address Mental Health Conditions
June, 16 2019
Are we underestimating the power of food?
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Hey, guys welcome to Bondi Harvest!!! We are a weekly cooking show featuring seasonal recipes and local produce from the best beach in the world! We do super healthy (but still tasty) recipes but like to throw in a few wicked desserts every now and then too! Mostly we are about using fresh food and demystifying cooking. We upload everything Saturday and are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our recipes or everything really! So hit us up!
Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is one of Australia’s leading nutritionists as well as an author, wellness coach and health blogger. You may recognize her from her beautiful recipes – she is the beloved voice of very active Facebook and Instagram profiles featuring daily food inspiration and health mantras.
Claire Grieve
Claire is a highly sought after international Yoga specialist, Stretch therapist, Health Coach and Wellness Writer. Claire strongly believes yoga can be self-gratifying, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.
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Healthy Carrot Cake with Matcha Icing
July, 29 2018
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