10 tips for instant happiness


We all know the mood-boosting powers of exercise. Yet, recent research by Fitness First and The Happiness Institute reveals that half of Aussies are sacrificing their happiness by not exercising enough. So we asked the happiness guru himself Dr Tim Sharp from The Happiness Institute to reveal his 10 best tips for an instant happy hit!

1     Live a meaningful life

“Research clearly suggests that pleasure is important but so too is meaning and purpose. So engage in activities that are meaningful to and for you and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of life satisfaction.”

2     Set and work towards satisfying goals

“Although it’s often said that happiness and life are more about the journey than the destination, arriving at the destination is still very satisfying and it creates positive emotions such as pride.”

3     Get plenty of sleep

“It’s hard to be happy if you’re sick and tired all the time. So ensure you enjoy adequate, good quality sleep time.”

4     Keep active and exercise regularly

“Our research found that more than half of Australians are simply not getting enough exercise. Yet this is one of the easiest and most powerful anti-depressants and mood-boosters available to us all!”

5     Foster hope and optimism

“There’s no doubt that happy people think about the world around them in a fundamentally different way. Although they stay grounded in reality they’re much more likely to actively look for and to plan for positive events in the present and in the future.”

6     Build positive relationships

“Real happiness isn’t the same as hedonism or selfishness. In fact, the happiest people have both more and better quality relationships and they work on them constantly.”

7     Become aware of and fully utilise your inner strengths

“Too many people spend too much time trying to fix all their weaknesses. In contrast, the happiest people accept they can’t be great at everything but make the most of what they are great at!”

8     Appreciate strengths in others

“Happiness can also come from appreciating strengths in others. This significantly and positively contributes to tolerance, compassion, empathy and better quality relationships.”

9     Practice gratitude

“Happy people focus more on what they already have and less on what they don’t have. They find happiness in knowing that what they have is more than enough.”

10  Have fun

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!”

Image credit iStock