10 ways to winterise your wellness!

Here, are my 10 simple tips and tricks to keep your health and happiness on track as the weather gets colder!

  1. Drink ginger tea! This keeps you warm, especially your hands and feet.
  2. Cook with spices and chilli to give your metabolism a boost.
  3. Give yourself permission to sleep a little more. Our body often needs this extra sleep for an active immune system.
  4. Eat a tad more garlic to ward off those nasty winter bugs.
  5. Drink plenty of water to prevent your skin drying out. Staying hydrated will keep skin your skin glowing throughout the colder months.
  6. Practice yoga. It heats your body from the inside out.
  7. Drink plenty of herbal tea. I recommend drinking tea, tea and more tea during winter especially immune-boosting teas to keep you feeling tip top!
  8. Embrace the change in season by getting out in nature and smelling the crisp, fresh air.
  9. Soak up some sunshine to get a dose of Vitamin D and prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Sunshine boosts your mood and keeps you happy in the winter.
  10. Drink bone broth to warm you up and give your immune system a boost.
Image credit: Thinkstock