2 easy natural ways to beat bad breath

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Morning breath is one thing you can’t control. Unless you are sneaky and hide a mint under your pillow that is! But clean mouth confidence all day is as easy. Try adding these two simple practices into your daily dental routine. Trust us the health benefits will extend beyond your pearly white smile!

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Tongue Scraping

Tongue scrapers can be found at wellness stores and are a cheap and easy way of improving your entire health. Tongue scraping is also great for busy people as it literally takes seconds. When we sleep our digestive system is busy working to remove toxins from our body, which then rest on the surface of our tongue. If we don’t remove them properly, they can get reabsorbed into the body and that’s what leads to stinky breath and digestive issues.

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Indah Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling

Got more time? Try the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling which is said to clear up skin, improve kidney function and relieve stomach issues. When swished around in the mouth, the antibacterial properties of oil are reputed to ‘pull’ out bacteria and fungus. It can also help bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities and plaque.

Want to give it a try? Try swishing one to two tablespoons of coconut, sesame or sunflower oil around your mouth and through your teeth. Start with five minutes and work your way up to 15-20 minute sessions. Spit in a bin, rinse your mouth with salty water and brush teeth thoroughly to kill any extra bacteria. You may experience slight headaches after the first couple of ‘pulls’ as the toxins in your system are shaken up.

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Roz Kelly Morkel
Roz Kelly Morkel is a reformed highly-stressed, highly-caffeinated TV reporter reincarnated as a holistic health and wellness coach. In her past life as a full-time sports reporter and host, Roz travelled the globe covering the world’s biggest events such as the London Olympics, Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, Surfing World Tour, international cricket and Commonwealth Games. This earned Roz multiple awards nominations for her tireless coverage and blazing a trail for women in sport. Life was a blur of 3am wake up calls for breakfast programs, huge hours, non-stop travel, intense deadlines and shoving anything available to eat in her mouth while on the run. She lived in the “fight or flight” stressed zone for years. It took adrenal fatigue to bring about a shakeup in priorities and lifestyle change. Now in a blissful new chapter, living between Australia and South Africa, Roz is making health and wellness simple and fun for other busy people. She is also a proud member of the International Green Smoothie Appreciation Society.