3 awesome activities for post training recovery!

Swimming, health benefits of swimming, best exercises for recovery
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The key to good health and fitness lies in not a hard and fast approach all the time. Often it requires a slower approach. I often find it harder to slow clients down then I do to speed them up. Whether it be physical, lifestyle or emotional stress, I find exercise is the best medicine when it comes to recovery. Here are my three favourite go to exercises to speed up the recovery process.

Swimming, health benefits of swimming, best exercises for recovery, foam roller, foam rolling

1.    Foam rolling

A poor man’s massage, foam rolling is great at releasing muscle adhesions. I use it for thoracic extensions and lunge reaches. I start from the ground up: calves, hamstrings upper traps. It is a great opportunity to employ six-four-10 breathing too. Which means for six seconds, hold for four seconds and out for 10 seconds. Five minutes is all you need to feel fresh, loose and ready to take on the world.

Swimming, health benefits of swimming, best exercises for recovery

2.    Swimming

Water therapy has been used throughout the ages to help ease mental and physical weakness. The most effective means of water therapy is contrast; switching between exposure to hot and cold water. This helps to redirect blood flow, slow your heart rate, drain the lymphatic system and increase the release of feel good hormones.

Post exercise recovery sunrise walk

3.    Long walks along the beach at sunrise or sunset

Studies have shown individuals who train outdoors (compared to those who train indoors) report greater feelings of revitalisation, increased energy and positivity. Not to mention the many health benefits associated with walking itself.

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