3 freeze dried foods to keep in your pantry

Freeze dried foods pack the nutrients and the convenience you need, without compromising on quality.

Freeze dried foods

When you’re on-the-go and time is of the essence, adding in all the required superfoods to your morning smoothie or everyday meal just doesn’t happen. Granted, you don’t want to waste precious snooze time to unravel the endless supply of green powders and energizing macca that’s waiting on the shelf, but when it comes to getting your daily nutrients and vitamins in, it’s nice to know things are getting easier.

Freeze dried or dehydrated products are making way in the supermarket aisle and are being praised for their convenience and ease of use. Much like any on-the-go powder, just add water and drink the nutrient dense packed powerhouse, wherever and whenever.

Long-lasting, nutrious and sometimes a real life-saver (hikers and backpackers usually carry around freeze dried food on long trips), freeze dried foods should always be in your pantry or purse for an on-the-go energy boost. We’ve selected a few that really pack the punch in terms of nutrients, taste, and overall goodness.

3 freeze dried foods to keep in your pantry

Bone Broth

freeze dried, Broth of Life, Bone Broth

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no secret that broth has been making a huge comeback lately. Your favourite “feel-better” soup has become a favourite for good reason – bone broth not only aids in digestion, but is proven to boost your immune system and ease muscle pain. We love Broth of Life for it’s compact, dehydrated, transportable portion that is easy to use. Try it as a stock in your next veggie stir-fry or soup.

Shop → Broth of Life $40.00

Super Greens

Bare Blends, freeze dried

As a synergetic blend of freeze dried organic greens and vegetables, Bare Blends can do no wrong when it comes to packing the maximum amount of nutrients into one packet. The ingredients are simple, no hidden nasties, and that’s exactly what we love about it. Featuring energising spirulina, matcha and lemon, this may well be your new coffee replacement.

Shop → Bare Blends Bare Greens $29.99

Coconut water

Loving Earth, freeze dried

Ever been unlucky enough to taste a sour coconut water? Yup, not the best experience. With the equivalent of 16 coconuts in one packet, this handy product seals in all the nutrients for a thirst quenching drink that never goes bad.

Shop Loving Earth Freeze Dried Coconut Water $22.90


SOURCEPinterest via The Healthy Chef
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