3 reasons to bust out orange on the ski slopes

Simon Chalmers, Rossignol, Dragon Alliance goggles, Thredbo
Simon wears: Dragon Alliance X2 goggles, Rossignol Jacket and pants, Rossignol Sin 7 mens skis | Location: Thredbo Resort

Orange is the new IT colour

When it comes to on-snow dressing during ski season, classic black and blue are generally the first colours style-conscious guys gravitate toward, but there’s one attention-grabbing colour now having a major revival: orange.

Putting aside the fact its the hue we once tended to associate with shopping sales, prison uniforms and road worker uniforms, this hue is making ‘cool school’ fashion comeback, possibly due in large part to cult TV show Orange is the New Black.

So why should your guy be updating his snow gear with orange gear and accessories this winter?

Orange is a SAFE colour

It may be a tricky tone to wear day-to-day in an urban setting, but truth is orange is an ideal colour on the slopes. It’s warm, inviting and (most importantly) helps people stand out on ski runs (so you’ll never lose sight of your guy in the crowds up the mountain again). Anyone wearing orange is far less likely to be knocked over by an out-of-control novice skier or freak snowboarder.

We love this red-orange Rossignol jacket that’s wind- and water- resistant. It’s the perfect finale to any ski ensemble.

Orange is a FAST colour

Just think of the orange-red sports car effect; faster, right!? You’ll impress your friends just that little bit more on the slopes as you zoom past them with a pair of ‘look at me’ orange-red Rossignol skisAnd isn’t that secretly what everyone wants, just a little bit when they’re skiing?


Simon Chalmers, Rossignol, Dragon Alliance goggles, ThredboSimon Chalmers, Rossignol, Dragon Alliance goggles, ThredboRossignol, Simon Chalmers