3 spring beauty overhaul investments that actually work

If the weather’s warming up where you live (hello, spring sunshine – we’ve missed you!) chances are you’re as ready for a total beauty overhaul as we are. Nothing helps you celebrate a fresh new season like shaking off winter’s bad beauty habits and giving your hair, skin and body a little TLC.

Not sure where you to start? Well, products that work really well and really fast are the ideal. Here are three of our favourites at present because they really do what the packaging promises. You’ll be thanking us for your summer-ready reflection in the mirror in no time.

3 Spring beauty overhaul investments that actually work

  1. SKIN: if your complexion is dull, sagging, tired or has fine lines…

You could rub the most expensive cream in the world into your skin, but unless you’re feeding your complexion good stuff from the inside out, it will never look firm, glowing and wrinkle-free. Yes, green juices help, but one of the key things to feed your skin is collagen direct from Mother Nature. (It’s a trick Japanese women have adopted for eons, which partly explains why their skin looks amazing well into their forties, fifties and sixties.) We’re hooked on ProPlenish, the only Australian-made collagen supplement that’s derived from natural marine sources (other collagens are sourced from beef). It’s tasteless, so you can sprinkle it into your water, tea or smoothie on the go. The result? Healthier, more youthful skin, along with stronger nails and faster-growing, stronger hair in as little as six weeks.


TIP: Throw a sachet of the new ProPlenish citrus-flavoured collagen into a mug of warm water, along with a slice of ginger, first thing in the morning for a beauty-boosting cleanse.

  1. BODY: if stubborn cellulite resides on your thighs…

Regardless of how comfortable you feel in your own skin and the fact that even the most beautiful models and celebrities have cellulite, simple truth is most of us would rather not have it given the option. Come to think about it, most of us would love slimmer thighs while we’re at it too. There really aren’t many treatments out there that make a dent in cellulite, but HYPOXI is one that’s scientifically proven to reduce cellulite, along with slim and tone from the waist down. A series of 10, 30-minute sessions over around four weeks is widely touted as enough to help you drop a whole dress size if you eat well and follow instructions. Essentially, you cycle inside a bubble that has fluctuating levels of vacuum pressure, keeping your heart in a steady fat burn zone (which is far less strenuous than you’d imagine).


TIP: It’s recommended you skip coffee for at least two hours and carbohydrates for around four after each HYPOXI session to guarantee best fat-burning results.

  1. HAIR: if your locks are dry and ravaged by central heating and the elements…

While nothing – other than your stylists’ scissors – can fix a major case of the split ends blues, finding a great range of products that hydrate winter- and heat styling-ravaged hair is a great way to give dry and thirsty locks lots of love. As much as we always prefer beauty products with natural, ethical ingredients here at Sporteluxe, sometimes they don’t pack the same result punch – but that’s absolutely not the case with the new Pure Hair Food range of luxe Australian-made hair products, full of beautiful ingredients like plant extracts, essential oils, natural fragrances and antioxidants, minus any chemical nasties. Best of all, they really work. We especially love the Moisture Shampoo, which contains Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera, wheat protein and pro-vitamin B5, teamed up with the Moisture Conditioner, with sweet almond oil, African Shea Butter and what protein. Our hair was clean, smooth, glossy and hydrated without feeling greasy or weighed down – and smelled divine afterwards too.

pure hair food

TIP: Use the Clarifying Shampoo once a week to ‘detox’ your hair and scalp of product build up, dandruff or excess oils, then follow with the Protein Masque, which strengthens and hydrates and helps ward off future breakage.


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