3 surprising beauty benefits of Chia Seeds

chia, chia seeds, health benefits of chia

The humble Chia Seed, packed with nutrients to increase energy, digestive health, help manage blood sugar levels and improve overall wellbeing. We’ve been adding them to our salads and smoothies since we can remember but did you know chia seeds have a plethora of beauty benefits too? We’ve done our research and it’s safe to say we’ll be adding these bad boys to our meals for a while yet!

They’re high in calcium:

If you dispair from dairy, Chia Seeds should be your best friend. It’s been said that they have five times the amount of calcium than milk meaning a decent dose of these seeds will make your teeth and bones strong like the hulk. Well, maybe not that strong but enough calcium in your diet will help your skin be as healthy as ever as, according to Livestrong, Calcium helps the regeneration of skin cells to add moisture and strength to your skin.

They’re rich in antioxidants:

With three times more antioxidants than blueberries, which means they really pack a punch when it comes to combatting the free-radical damage that can be responsible for any signs of aging! Lots of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet enhance the effectiveness of sunscreen which helps to protect your skin from sun damage. So load your smoothie up with Chia Seeds because the combination of antioxidants plus sun protection is a strong defence against wrinkles, dullness and discolouration, meaning you’ll have youthful skin for a long time to come!

They’re a great source of Omega-3:

Glowing skin ahoy! These little guys have about nine times more omega-3 than salmon which means these ‘good fats’ will repair your skin from the inside-out, to repair damaged cell membranes to make them more resilient to internal and external threats. Omega-3 also helps to make your hair super shiny so forget going to the salon (and eating salmon), Chia seeds will give you all the Omega-3 you need!


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chia, chia seeds, health benefits of chia

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