3 tasty protein balls to beat your 3pm cravings

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We’re always thinking about the best way to nourish our bellies here at Sporteluxe HQ which is why we’re always partial to a protein ball from time to time. Packed with goodness to fill that hungry corner of your stomach and power you through the rest of the afternoon, they’re one of the best snacks going. We’ve rounded up three of our favourites to let you in on our little secret to keep hunger at bay.

protein balls bounce

Bounce Energy Balls

At Bounce, they believe if you “Eat good. Do good. Feel good.” We reckon they’re right on the money with that one! They’re super tasty protein balls will bounce you back into action before or after a workout, or if you need that boost in the afternoon. Our top pick? The Coconut Macadamia Protein Bliss ball. Perfect for a sweet treat on-the-go!

protein balls, luv some

Luv Sum

Luv Sum protein balls in the afternoon? We know we do! Luv Sum are all about finding a healthier alternative to snack foods to allow you to make healthier choices that taste great. They believe a balanced diet equals a balanced way of life and we’re inclined to agree! Their delicious concoction of flavours are perfect for that 3pm snack attack!

protein balls health lab

The Health Lab

With a ball for every occasion, you can’t go past The Health Lab for afternoon snacks. The Craving Cruncher, 3pm Almond Protein Balls and Choc Protein Balls for energy will provide that much needed pick-me-up when the clock strikes three. Made from raw ingredients that are gluten free and paleo friendly with no refined sugar, The Health Lab are here to help you power through your day.

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