3 Things You Shouldn’t Stock In Your Kitchen

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Navigating the supermarket in this day and age can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. With dozens of aisles of foodstuffs to choose from, it can be utterly overwhelming, as well as tempting to grab foods that aren’t the ideal health choice. We asked naturopath Reece Carter to point out the things that absolutely don’t deserve a home in your kitchen

DITCH: SUGAR (and yes, that means honey and maple syrup too)

Sugars spike insulin, training the body to store fat. Insulin does the job of lowering blood sugar, which tricks your body into thinking it’s hungry when it’s not. So while we’re not saying the sugars in fruit are a problem, the raw and refined version, along with syrups, are a no-no if you want to feel fuller longer.


Grains are not the culprit here, but rather the fact that white bread that has been heavily processed and thus lost all its nutrients. If you’re dying for a carb hit, Reece recommends sticking to oats, which are “amazing at lowering blood cholesterol and feed good gut bacteria.”


Not all fats are created equal, with olive and coconut oil, avocado, oily fish and small amounts of fat on meats, amongst the best for your body. “Deep-fried foods, cheap fatty cuts of meat and half a cup of salad dressing simply provide too much energy for the average body to handle,” says Reece. “Unless you are trekking across the North Pole or climbing Everest!” So avoid cooking your meat in a pool of oil and if you must have salad dressing, opt for a home-made one so you can control exactly what goes in it.


“In a nutshell, nourishing foods deliver your body everything it needs to achieve your health goals. The easiest way to achieve this? Most (if not all) of your grocery shopping should come from the periphery of the supermarket and not from the aisles. That’s where the fruits, veggies and meats are. So stick to the outside and try not to wander into the dangerous territory of packaged goods too often.”


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