3 things you don’t know about yoga teacher training!

Kate Kendall, flow athletic


Kate Kendall, Yoga teacher training

From the outside, it might look like it’s all about bending your body into crazy shapes and teaching those crazy shapes to others. But Yoga teacher training is so much more and can become a catalyst for the most epic of adventures and life lessons.

1 It’s not about the shapes

Yes, you walk away qualified to teach a yoga class having studied anatomy, physiology and teaching methodology. But much more than that it’s about learning how to live yoga philosophies everyday. You begin to make conscious choices for the good of your community and start creating change not only in you but those around you.

2. It makes you into a change agent

Yoga teacher training provides a space for you to be truly ‘seen’ or vulnerable. You’ll be put in situations out of your comfort zone. What you learn about yourself during training is pure gold and will change you forever.

3. It will humble you

This is just the beginning. I always say we only ever just scratch the surface with our yoga practice in one lifetime, which can be truly humbling. There is so much to learn, be inspired by and to inspire in others. Once you realise your limits the real transformation and learning can begin. You become an empty cup. Embrace it.

Teacher: Kate Kendall
Class: Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours
Website www.inspiredleaders.com.au