3 ways to boost your beauty from the inside out

I’m a big believer in the old adage that beauty starts from within. While this is certainly about being happy and having self-confidence, it’s also about self-respect – namely how well you look after and nurture your body from a health perspective. When you’re eating well, exercising and getting a good amount of shut-eye it honestly shows – the whites of your eyes are brighter, your hair is glossy and your skin gives off a kind of radiance that no amount of luminiser could ever create. Here are three things you can do to boost your beauty – no makeup brush required.


Dry body brushing is one of the best ways to up your glow factor – from your neck to your toes. While the firm bristles slough dead cells from the surface of your skin they also push blood and fluid through the lymphatic system, aiding in the detoxification process and increasing circulation. Do it in the morning before your shower on dry skin. Start from the feet with long, firm strokes in the direction of your heart.

dry body brush
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We all know we need to eat more greens – packed with antioxidants, they’re the cornerstone of good health and vibrant skin. Think Kale, Spinach and Silverbeet. If you’re not getting them fresh, add some spirulina or Vital Greens powder to your smoothies in the morning. Another great superfood to add to your arsenal is the Chia Seed. These little protein bombs are packed with omega 3s and fibre – so you can say hello to some serious glow. Combine a quarter of a cup of Chia Seeds with your choice of almond or coconut milk and add your sweetener of choice and fresh fruit for a delicious chia pudding.

Bioglan chia seeds
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Exercise won’t just make you feel amazing (hello endorphin high!) but it also gives you that unmistakable fit-girl glow. If you suffer from DOMS (delayed on muscle soreness) try taking magnesium before bed. If stiffness is a problem, Krill Oil may help.

bioglan red krill oil
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