3 ways to get inspired and find your purpose

Do you want to shake things up, get inspired and find your purpose? Then read on for my 3 top tips that will help you get your life back on track.

Hey you.
What’s your purpose?
What were you born to do? And why are you here?
That golden question that most of us are still figuring out. We bang our heads against the wall, hoping that the continual thud will somehow wake us up.
Stop banging. Get still. Listen in. Not me. Not to anyone else. Just you.
If your current situation provides zero clarity, turn around and walk the other way.
Try adopting and living these three values that will help you get aligned, live with purpose and feel fulfilled – the deepest desire of all human beings


Practice Non-Attachment

Take a step back from needing to know what the rest of your life looks like for a week or so and get busy relaxing. Sounds counter-productive, right? But really it makes space for creativity and feeling good. So for one week, live by this mantra and my favourite quote by Rumi, “Live as if the world is rigged in your favour.” When things don’t work out for you, you know that there’s a bigger plan that the universe has in store for you. For now, just ‘trust’.

Kate Kendall

Get Creative

So you don’t know what you want to do with your life? You’re stuck, bored and every day feels the same. Cool – so you’ve identified what you don’t want right now. Good. Now how about shifting perspective and writing down the things that you do want including how you want to feel every day, where you want live and who you want around you. Buy a journal, start creating, manifesting and believing.

Kate Kendall

Be Curious

Once you’re a little clearer on the things you want around you and how you want to feel, follow the little pushes, nudges and pulls to the things that feel good or that light you up. These are the universe’s love taps and signs to say, “Hey you – take a hint.” For example, sitting at my desk in my old job in advertising I would dream about yoga and how I could make a living out of it but couldn’t’ quite see how it would provide for me. Then one day after a class my yoga teacher stopped me on my way to work and said, “You know Kate, you’d make a really good yoga teacher.” This lit me up and gave me an incredible sense of self-belief so I followed the feeling all the way to my laptop and started researching retreats and teacher trainings until I finally mustered up some courage, left my cushy job and went to India to study yoga. I’ve never looked back and I believe that when we do things from the soul, the universe opens doors, including financial ones, to support you on your way.



Shake It Up Retreat

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